Where were we?

I’ve been on the move since 2015, bouncing from one upheaval to the next. That’s basically what the Electric Holy Road was (is) all about. I’ve come to accept that life is — or is made bearable by — constant movement.

Which was good for a while but has made dealing with lockdown a bit of a struggle.

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The Sardine Has Burned

The Electric Holy Road is hardly a straight one. It winds and turns back on itself and runs straight forward into blinding white uncertainty. A single trip can wind you up in a place you would never even have imagined existed. The pull of the Great Magnet (that which governs the path of us road-weary […]

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The Fifth Winter

The killer arrived just after The Three Wise Men had departed. He slipped in through the barred second floor window with his toolkit and chloroform in hand, stuffed the rag into my mouth, then went to work dismantling my time.  I learned later that the killer’s name was Winter, and that he had already visited […]

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