The Quiet

The quiet before the storm is real. I’ve felt it.

I’ve felt it for most of my life.
Adelaide is an easy place to live, perhaps a bit too easy. It’s cosy, comfortable and reasonably warm. It’s quiet and pretty, covered in churches, trees and (increasingly) art.

But it’s definitely not perfect. A turbulent economy, increasing rate of un-employment and legendarily awful public transport system have all left their mark in some way on the people and the city. It’s impossible to walk through the city centre without seeing some sign of depression, to feel an air of quiet hopelessness that no one really wants to disturb.

I love Adelaide, don’t get me wrong. It’s treated me well. I wouldn’t have wanted to grow up anywhere else in Australia than the Adelaide Hills. But still, the quiet is there, all around, and in every day. The call of the wild does come from somewhere unknown, I can definitely hear it, but it’s still a whisper compared to the roar of the quiet.

The quiet and the slow have been my friends so far. They’ve allowed me to focus on myself and on my own mind, but that’s not always been positive. Having the time to think is a double-edged sword, especially for the naturally melancholic.

Maybe that’s the reason I’m leaving. I definitely need a change of scene, some time to escape the quiet, some time to escape over-thinking. It’s time to just let go of comfort and just LIVE.

But is it wrong to love the quiet? Is it terrible to like to take things slow? We all need it sometimes. It’s just dangerous to let it become your whole world. There needs to be a balance in everything, and that balance is something you have to find yourself. Everyone’s chemicals and vibrations are at different levels, and so everyone’s balance is different. The quiet is good for me, but I’ve definitely had my fill for now.

I need balance. I need noise! Time to dance to some Berlin techno.


– An early start. It is important to hit the snooze button at least three times.
– A couple of eggs. 2 coffees.
– A long drive to work with a great album playing (at the moment it’s either La Vida Bohème, Dan Deacon or maybe Lemon Jelly).
– Upon returning home, spend three hours organising things for exchange and watching videos.
– Do as much Duolingo practice as possible.
– Do something creative for a while: paint, write, draw or even make “music” (There’s a lot on this to share, so look out for a post in the future!)
– Meditate… or at least try to.
– Read, read, read until suitably relaxed.



One thought on “The Quiet

  1. Kewl beanz! 🙂 We all have a different recipe for quiet days, but yours doesn’t sound too bad! Too many coffees, though, jajaja.
    Aaaand I see what you did there! Cactus 😉


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