Small Thoughts for Fall

When the mind is busy and anxious and excited and confused, floating around in fluid inside a skull inside a strange country it has never visited before, there aren’t a lot of times to just sit and reflect.

To be honest, I’ve tried to avoid having a lot of “sit and reflect” times, even over this last year, simply because I’ve had a history of, well, overthinking things and getting a bit gloomy. This morning, though, I had a bit of a small, gloom meditation. Blind down, lamp on, jazz playing. Real smooth stuff.

Here are a few Small Thoughts:

Night is a vulnerable and honest time. For a few brief hours of darkness, the cities and houses open up with light. They spill outwards into the blackblue, but also invite you in. While in the day, the sun guards, in the night windows open, allowing anyone to peer inside. You see ripples of lives, monuments of civilisation, hints of secrecy and romance and, from space, the paths that people draw in the sand to celebrate the achievements of centuries.

The World is small, small to the point that the web of artificial pathways connects everyone. Distance no longer exists. We walk over oceans, bearing fragile flowers to share. When we come together in one place, we plant a garden that doesn’t have to wither from inattention anymore.

But there is too much to see. At least on our own feet.

We find those we want to find, or those we need to. Across the world, we find family or countrymen or lovers or friends that we should meet, no matter what. “All energies in the world flow according to the great magnet. What a fool I was to defy him.” With openness and honesty, there are always spiritual connections to find and embrace. Wunderbar.

And the clouds cloud our own minds. Grey and wet and melancholic bring grey and wet and melancholy to the mind. Praise the Sun and your wires of the mind spark and ignite. In the clear, in the Spring, the mind is equally clear. We all stand on the same rock, under the same Sun. It warms us everywhere.

There is much more to think about, much more to reflect on, but the Sun has gone and I’d like to let the blackblue in for a few hours. It’s time to be quiet and wake up clear and bright. Gute nacht.

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