I wrote the notes for this post while pretending to wait for a tram in some off-the-main-track street, alone, in the middle of the night in Prague. Blend in, be safe, wait for the clock in Malostransk√° to chime exactly midnight and then walk home with a heavy bottle of absinthe in hand.

A Night in Prague


An important adventure was had tonight, the second night of my excursion to the Czech Republic’s capital and one of the most visited cities in Europe. Leaving friends behind to sleep or club, I decided to test my courage and venture out by myself. I mean, on a Friday night there are hundreds of people around, and everything is brightly lit and seemingly safe, but it still feels like a step away from the comfort zone, which is vital.

I did eventually turn back as things got a bit too “empty” and dark for my liking, but not before stepping through some sort of immaterial barrier. Still… The challenge remains to walk further… Without taking absolutely stupid risks of course.


I’ve made it my mission to avoid the “I can’t be fucked” attitudes held by many on this trip, instead, I’m attempting to embrace opportunity, test myself and live my own, singular version of Europe.

But funnily enough, even after such a short time as a month, Mannheim feels like home. I’m not sure if I like that, though, as now there is a constant calling to just escape back there and hide with technology, the comfortable and the familiar. But that’s not the point. Here in Europe it’s important to keep motivated, keep moving, keep seeing and keep doing.

I mean, c’mon, there’s a whole continent to conquer yet!

More Prague to come soon…



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