More Small Thoughts for Fall

The world has certainly turned, leaving the country basking in some sort of wearying cosmic radiation. The leaves show it the most; their leaves turning to soft shades of orange and vibrant reds in one last spectacle before they face the grey of winter and then inevitable re-birth.

In this time it is easy to become a little pessimistic. With sleet sheets covering the sky and ghastly paleness on the ground, it’s all to natural to forget that Spring is right around the corner… We just have to get through Winter first.

But there’s nothing wrong with Winter. It’s just as important and magical as any other of it’s sister seasons, in fact, maybe more magical in snow-covered Europe. Sure, it’s getting colder. The old great fire in the sky is weakening and retiring early most days. But we’re still here. We still live on despite it.

It’s time to appreciate the slow-down. Take a look at the leaves, see how they go gold in the face of Winter.

More small thoughts, which are actually pretty big thoughts:

There is no typical life, everything is subjective. Everyone must make their own rules, follow their own path. And if you don’t know what path you’re on, don’t stress, you might already be on it… and there are many branching paths to take.

You cannot plan everything. In fact, you can hardly plan anything. The Universe works things out, naturally. Things end up fitting together, usually for the better, in completely unexpected ways.

Change and chaos is life. Sameness is the opposite. We should not fear change or be paralysed by the unknown. Life, what it all boils down to, is constant change, conflict, cooperation and chaos. Love change, seek it out. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting them to change.”
Balance is the key. Moderation is it’s twin. Everything in life, happiness, sadness, sickness, health, prosperity, loneliness, are metered out equally among the cosmos. Embrace and love every aspect of life, but do not let one side of the coin be the whole of life.

Be kind and considerate to everyone and everything, which also means understanding when people don’t subscribe to your own small thoughts and philosophies, or if they are struggling with something that you find easy, or if they are succeeding in an area you find impossible. Self-confidence, knowing that you do not need to compare yourself to others, is a vitally fulfilling, but difficult to attain, quirk of personality.

Nature is fulfilling, take time to appreciated the outdoors. Breathe and be centred again.

Human creation is fulfilling, take time to appreciate art and science. Create constantly, question everything, learn something new every day. But do not waste. Do not horde.

Everything in the universe is connected to the Universe. We are all made from the same stuff. By what? How? Who knows. For that very reason, no being is better than another. Look to animals and nature to realise how much we have in common, and how much more we need to care.

Do not live for others, but do not be selfish. Compromise and cooperation is what got humans to where we are today, with a little conflict and blind luck thrown in the mix. Living alone is painful, but so is living with people who make you feel uneasy or unworthy, or those who expect you to change to please them. Be selective with your close friends, but also give your love freely. Again, balance is the key.

“Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”
Some of the most valuable things in the world are time, art, love, wonder. They belong to everyone.

Support alternatives to the norm, get the most out of life by stepping out of the flow for a bit. If something doesn’t work, don’t try it again. If you don’t say “fuck yes” to something, don’t say yes at all. Do not hold onto things that don’t make you happy. Do not reject experience.

It will take a life time to sort out this small thoughts, so don’t let them bog you down. Come up with your own, write them down, keep them secret, share them with others, live by them, change them when the time comes, improve, learn, create, love, be brave, be considerate, do not harm.

Gute nacht.



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