A Wunderkammer (Fotozeit!)

A lot of societies believe that capturing photos meant capturing the soul of people. If lots of people are taking photos of a single place, are we taking the soul out of it or preserving it?

Lake Como, Italy, as seen from the shore of Veranna. My absolute favourite solo day trip.

As a simple but beautiful nostalgia trip, I thought I’d share in one place some of my absolute favourite photos from my Europe trip. Take your time to explore this gallery and drop of your own photos if you’d like to have them added to the exhibition…

Toledo, Spain. A spiritual home of Don Quixote!

But let’s be honest, it’s more for me than anyone else. To look back at these photos, no matter how hard I try, I just can’t believe I was actually there to take them. After two months back and home it’s starting to feel more like a dream like a reality. Hopefully these can help me hold onto the feelings.

Now, before I get a little teary…

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  1. Colours in Camden Town, London. Probably my favourite area of the city, even though the tonnes of useless crap sold there really made my soul hurt.
  2. Colours in Hamburg. This DJ van was one of my favourite stages at last years MS Dockville festival.
  3. More colours at an apparent hippy commune in Hamburg, a relaxing, hidden but also slightly eerie place.
  4. Heidelberg’s collapsed castle tower. Taken on an incredibly sunny day in which I hung out with some incredible new friends and was disappointed by a street food festival.
  5. Schwetzingen’s sunny fence. I love that face.
  6. The Wilde Maus at Bad Dürkheim’s Wurstmarkt, taken before I got incredibly drunk on Riesling and felt like I was going to die.
  7. A theatrical skeleton found in a window display on a dark street in Prague. The night I found this fellow I was stumbling around, avoiding feelings of apathy and aiming to find some adventure on my own.
  8. Kutna Hora’s Sedlec Ossuary was one of the most intense places I’ve ever visited. 40,000 people decorate this building, their bones creating gothic architecture that attracts freaks and creeps from all around the world.
  9. Burg Hohenzollern from the road. Arriving to the castle on an early morning, to walk through the rising clouds and experience a building more beautiful than most I’ve seen, was such an incredible experience.
  10. Stuttgart’s Odeon Cinema, on a corner near the Rathaus. I just love the neo-deco style of this building and the general round shape of it all. This was taken after a long day exploring the nearby castle, Tübingen and two other small German towns.
  11. The Eiffel Tower of an early morning. The slight smog and sunshine created an effect as if the tower was splitting the sky. All around, we were hassled by blanket salesman and jostled by tourists, but to see the sky broken by this icon… wow.
  12. My favourite store in the world, romantic Shakespear and Company, Paris.
  13. While we waited for our appointment at a secret bar in Rotterdam, me and my two Aussie friends waited by the edge of the river, watching the dark clouds float over sky-scrapers. What a stark difference to nearby Amsterdam, but just as interesting.
  14. A church clock tower in Zürich. Not the most exciting day, or the most thrilling city, but it definitely has it’s own atmosphere.
  15. A photo of the government sponsored street-art near my home in Ulmenweg, just outside Mannheim. The image of Germany as a country full of castles and green hills is true in a sense, but it is also a densely populated and sometimes gritty country in which people often live vertically.
  16. Lost in the middle of the Black Forest. The Autumn morning was quiet, fresh and still. The forest itself was completely free of people, leaving me lost and absorbed in a blanket of nature. The funny thing is, I didn’t even need to walk very far out of Freiburg to reach it.
  17. One of my absolute favourite shots of the whole experience. Here I was travelling by bus, surrounded by sleeping friends but unable to sleep myself, and passing into Austria. This mountain was one of the first I saw in Euope… and I was blown away. Mountains are the true home of God.
  18. Barcelona’s Parc de la Ciutadella was a two minute walk from my hostel and one of the most beautiful and magnificent public spaces I’ve visited. This massive fountain is probably my favourite European monument.
  19. La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona. Do I even need to say more? Though the arhcitecure was often overwhelming and the price of entry quite high, the visit was worth every Euro cent.
  20. On Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh, I came across this huge, fallen rock in a wide, hilly paddock. This photo to me captures the atmosphere of the UK’s wide and often desolate moors and mountains. It’s a place I feel at home.
  21. That famous photo of Rothenburg Ob Der Tauber. The last German town I visited and the one that had been on my “to-visit” list from the very start, it felt like the perfect conclusion to my adventure. Though it was off-season and there were very few people around, I embraced the loneliness and took the time to really enjoy myself.
  22. A strange little piece of architecture near Sacramonte, Granada. The sharp shapes and bold colours are exactly my kind-a thing.



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