The Digital Writers’ Playbook – Part 1

Originally posted on digital writer in residence:
See the boy in centre stage, surrounded by a mountain of paper that is threatening to topple over. One slight breeze and… see the boy no more. +++ It’s no real secret that contemporary Australian writers, especially young Australia contemporary writers, are in a constant state of negotiation…

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If It Rains, It Pours – An Epic Blog Post About Creative Adelaide

Chapter 1 (The Festival State) The last few weekends of running around looking at all the bright lights of the city, keeping up with social media, looking for networking opportunities and jobs, preparing applications, reading for university and for pleasure, keeping up with an exercise routine and just generally getting re-settled in my home city […]

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It’s not long now ‘til I jet-set my way across the planet. In fact, I counted today: I only have six days left at my current job. Scary, huh? After a good year of security and solidity… six days. But I shouldn’t be worried! It’s exciting! I’m already clawing to get out and meet my […]

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