The Fifth Winter

The killer arrived just after The Three Wise Men had departed. He slipped in through the barred second floor window with his toolkit and chloroform in hand, stuffed the rag into my mouth, then went to work dismantling my time.  I learned later that the killer’s name was Winter, and that he had already visited […]

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A Wunderkammer – Part 1

Something that’s really resonated with me lately, especially after the reveal of the 2016 Adelaide Biennial, is the idea of the “Wunderkammer” or Cabinet of Curiosity. In ye olde times (well, not that long ago really), well-to-do types would collect, arrange and present the most amazing items they could find (and buy). While this was […]

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A Return to “Normal”

I’m struggling to figure out if I’m readjusting to life in Australia or not. On one hand, it still feels like I should be in Germany, planning my next little excursion to some nearby country and greeting people with “Hallo”. On the other hand, I feel like I’ve never even left Adelaide. Skills I thought […]

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First Impressions of Home

Someone once told me that home isn’t a place, but more of an idea within us. You can feel at home anywhere if you want to. For me, home is now a bit of a scattered concept. Sure, I’ve got my life, my savings and my library here in Adelaide, but I have a piece […]

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