Memory is one of the strangest functions of our brains. In fact, it seems like it doesn’t even come from us at all. We never think about it in terms of lobes, grey matter and electrical signals, instead, we experience memory as random floods, pouring rain and dazzling explosions from some out there. We all […]

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A Wunderkammer (Fotozeit!)

A lot of societies believe that capturing photos meant capturing the soul of people. If lots of people are taking photos of a single place, are we taking the soul out of it or preserving it? Read More

A Wunderkammer – Part 2

More Spanish postcards: With much love and a lipstick mark, these postcards found their way to the rusty grey postbox outside my flat in Mannheim. The lipstick-marked one, the postcard originating in one of my “home-cities”, Murcia, travelled across the world, to Australia, then all the way back to Europe to find me. It’s like […]

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A Wunderkammer – Part 1

Something that’s really resonated with me lately, especially after the reveal of the 2016 Adelaide Biennial, is the idea of the “Wunderkammer” or Cabinet of Curiosity. In ye olde times (well, not that long ago really), well-to-do types would collect, arrange and present the most amazing items they could find (and buy). While this was […]

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