Memory is one of the strangest functions of our brains. In fact, it seems like it doesn’t even come from us at all. We never think about it in terms of lobes, grey matter and electrical signals, instead, we experience memory as random floods, pouring rain and dazzling explosions from some out there. We all […]

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More Small Thoughts for Fall

The world has certainly turned, leaving the country basking in some sort of wearying cosmic radiation. The leaves show it the most; their leaves turning to soft shades of orange and vibrant reds in one last spectacle before they face the grey of winter and then inevitable re-birth. In this time it is easy to […]

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Small Thoughts for Fall

When the mind is busy and anxious and excited and confused, floating around in fluid inside a skull inside a strange country it has never visited before, there aren’t a lot of times to just sit and reflect. To be honest, I’ve tried to avoid having a lot of “sit and reflect” times, even over […]

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Von Gold bis Grau bis Gold

I’m sitting in my sticky room, barricading myself against some gross smell that has come over the whole of the housing complex, coddling a headache and a bit of a sour mood today. After a good two weeks of bright blue skies and heat, the little bit of grey and sleepy miasma floating through the […]

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