By the Sea – Málaga

After all this time, I’ve finally had my first look at the Mediterranean Sea. Well, the, uhhh… the photo doesn’t exactly do it justice BUT it was there and I did see it. I stood on the salty sidewalk, peeped over the brown sand and tried to picture the total weight of that water, that […]

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Memory is one of the strangest functions of our brains. In fact, it seems like it doesn’t even come from us at all. We never think about it in terms of lobes, grey matter and electrical signals, instead, we experience memory as random floods, pouring rain and dazzling explosions from some out there. We all […]

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South Australian Highway

The moon, squashed and lame, still struggled shining brightly over the world. The trees, tall and tired, stood black and stalwart against the approaching light. The mist, thick, milky, glowed under the crippled moon. Against the trees it was water. All too easy to see it as beautiful calming, isolating, like driving high-speed, goddamned, thunder […]

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